Bouteilles de vin empilées


Verre de vin avec couché de soleil

Our vinifications are free and creative. Each vintage is unique and our harvests are dictated by the search for the perfect balance of ripeness.

There is no systematic approach in our plots: as the harvest approaches, observation, berry tasting and analysis of ripening kinetics help us to decide on the pace and organisation of the harvest. 

Our aim is to bring perfect, fresh grapes back to the winery. Fermentation begins using our own indigenous yeasts. The fermentation and ageing period is designed to be non-interventionist; tasting and precise monitoring are carried out.

Our quest is for the pleasure of tasting when the bottle is opened.

Bouteilles cyrus, ardan et phileas avec des personnes autour

Our cuvées aim to sublimate our soils and grape varieties. Each one is a creation freely inspired by the landscape from which it comes, and the taste, texture and flavour that the winemaking process has given us.

From cuvées to be enjoyed with friends at a moment’s notice to cuvées to be discovered with a great gastronomic dish, there’s no dogma; just the freedom for everyone to find what they’re looking for in our ranges.