At the gates of Nantes, the estate of the Trois Toits is located in a prime location in Vertou, a famous winegrowing region. The local river Sèvre gives its name to the appellation Muscadet Sèvre et Maine.
The soil has been formed by metamorphic rocks, mainly shists and slits from the layers of clay and quartz gravel.
Ideally located, the vines benefit from the oceanic climate and the moderating role played by the Loire and its tributaries. Constantly nurtured and tended, our vines produce superior grapes.
The excellence of the terroir brings the finesse and the mineral quality which we favour in our wines.


The 18 hectare estate, surrounding the cellar,​ criss-crosses three villages: La Nicolière​, ​La Louée​ and ​Le Bézier​.
The main grape variety, Melon de Bourgogne​, is emblematic of the region and has given its name to the famous M​uscadet​ wine.
Approximately one hectare is planted with ​Folle Blanche,​ allowing the production of Gros Plant.​ Finally, a few slopes of ​Gamay​ and of Abouriou​ are used in the production of our Vin de Pays.